Mechanical engineers are making a strong commitment for lightweight construction

First CROSSLAYER delivered

At the world’s largest International Composites show JEC in March 2019 in Paris, our new plant technology was admired by international visitors – the CROSSLAYER;

The CROSSLAYER stands for the automated depositing of fibre tapes into laying materials with any geometry, orientation and structure. With this flexible and user-friendly system, anyone can produce individual laying materials of carbon or glass fibres. This is possible with a low investment in the plant to facilitate the entry into lightweight fibre composite construction..

The first CROSSLAYER system was delivered to the Institute of Aircraft Design (IFB) at the University of Stuttgart before Eastern. Through a project financed by Baden-Württemberg, lightweight composite fibre construction is being carried out at the highest scientific level and its technology applications are being developed.  

The CROSSLAYER is characterized by unique properties. The geometry of the fabric, the layer structure and the fibre orientations can be adjusted at the push of a button. This special resource efficiency, saves material, reduces cutting waste and ultimately saves costs. A material construction kit provided by M&A Dieterle facilitates the entry into this technology and opens up maximum flexibility by any selection of the fibre to be processed. Thus, new fields of application can be opened up and the entry for newcomers to Lightweight Composite Structures can be lowered.

In cooperation with the IFB, the properties and possible applications of CROSSLAYER flat semi-finished products are being investigated in particular. This includes the determination of:

  • Draping behaviour
  • Impregnation behaviour – Determination of permeability
  • Characteristic values of the laminates
  • Simulation and design
  • Development of technology demonstrators
  • Combination with other manufacturing processes such as Tailored Fibre Placement (TFP) or Cutting procedures (TFP)

Together with our sales partner Filacon (Tajima GmbH) we will continuously communicate the project progress and results on the new CROSSLAYER homepage. 


M&A Dieterle and FILACON by Tajima sign cooperation agreement at the JEC

Proud of the new CROSSLAYER, which was developed in cooperation between M&A Dieterle and Filacon, the two managing directors Dietmar Dieterle and Josef Gaiser signed a cooperation agreement at the JEC Paris, which will further intensify the future cooperation and push the further development of the CROSSLAYER. Both are convinced that the CROSSLAYER system will help small and medium sized companies, which up to now have been producing composite components manually, to automate their production at low cost.