Crosspath Software

Macro editor

Several macros are available on the machine for simple preform geometries. Three geometric shapes (rectangle, diamond and circle) can be filled with paths. Adjustable parameters are:
– angle
– path distance
– position
– laying speed

The individual shapes can be joined to one design as a layer and the machine can therefore be operated without additional software.

Preprocessing for complex preforms

For the production of more complex preforms, an easy-to-use preprocessor is available. It creates a G-Code machine program in the form of a text file by reading in start and end points. The start and end points of the paths can be exported from a 2D CAD into a .txt file or manually entered into a list. The preprocessor automatically converts these points into a machine program (G-code) and is then loaded into the machine via the USB interface.

The software was developed in cooperation with the Institute of Aircraft Design of the University of Stuttgart.

Crosslayer Software